Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fin Oslo

Fashion company Fin Oslo has seven main ways of promoting environmental awareness in their company, these are:
-Organic Cotton-
FIN clothing use only organic cotton for their stocks to contribute to a better environment and working conditions for cotton produces. FIN also uses ecological procedures for the spinning and dyeing so the consumer is leaving as light of a carbon footprint as possible.
-Organic Bamboo-
Extremely silky, environmentally friendly and draping like no other, organic bamboo is an economic solution without the need of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. FIN has strict processing controls certified by Ecotex.
-Wild non-Violent Silk-
This new kind of silk gathering bypassing the need to kill countless silk moths and improves its quality when artisans and well-trained individuals gather it.
Using surplus milk proteins not intended for food, Spring 2010 holds a new sustainable fabric from FIN. It’s super soft and luxurious texture all many garments to be made from it.
-Baby Alpaca Wool-
Using the light, soft and 20% warmer wool from baby alpacas FIN is beginning to use this kind of fabric for some pieces for its silky qualities.
-Fair Trade-
One of the main social conditions behind FIN is the fair trade focus. It encompasses that workers receive a fair deal and wage as well as safe working conditions. The areas targeted are wages, working hours, human rights, and social accountability.
-Carbon Neutral-
Another focus of FIN is climate change, an area which clothing production can affect. To attend to this area Fin buys Carbon Credits from the Clean Development Mechanism which invest in renewable energy projects in the countries the cloths are produced.