Monday, March 29, 2010


Love Think Eco Chic

This chic eco-friendly bikini is perfect for the eco-friendly fashionista who has been hitting the gym in preparation for some summer fun in the sand and surf. Best of all, because it has a decreased environmental impact, consumers can take in the sights and sounds of the beach knowing that they might just be helping the natural experience remain for future generations. The Mystique Bikini by Deux FM is made completely from remnant fabric, and straps are made from organic cotton nautical rope. The swim suit is available in a variety of colors, and the bikini top has a unique bow shape design that is promised to be flattering to all figures
Deep on the Canadian peninsula of Nova Scotia, Anna Gilkerson designs, cuts and sews deux fm (pronounced deux femmes). Her mission is clear: Inspire ethical and environmental awareness by implementing sustainable action through innovative design. Well, luckily for all of us eco style fanatics, Anna’s “innovative design” does not sacrifice an ounce of sophistication in her pursuit of ecological responsibility. deux fm exudes a 1940’s-era romantic elegance, while serving you modern women’s business attire in recycled and sustainably harvested fibers. Ces deux femmes sont très chic et très vert!

Fin Oslo: Fashion with a Social Conscience

FIN Fashion is modern, trendy and the world’s first organic Fair Trade fashion label.

Norway-based design label, FIN Oslo, aims to be at the forefront in developing luxurious organic and environmentally friendly fabrics. FIN is a sustainable label that believes in taking responsibility for its actions.

To recognize the ha
rd labour that has gone into producing the fabric in their pieces, they use Fair Trade certified cotton (this means that no pesticides or other harmful chemicals have been used; in addition, the cotton farmers are guaranteed a minimum income and good social conditions). To reduce CO2 levels worldwide, they invest in climate credits to reach the global goal of carbon neutrality.

FIN's designers add passion to all their creations along with carefully selecting materials to achieve the best appearance: organic cotton provides the luxury of an environmentally friendly textile, hand-spun wild silk has beautiful textures, and organic alpaca is rare and precious.

The company have always prided themselves on their ethical fashion credentials, and now they have one more thing to be proud of. This year, head designer Per Silvertsen was the winner of Norway’s most prestigious designer fashion award, Naloyet 2009.

Ethical fashion is not going away and its future is especially exciting with eco-luxe brands like FIN constantly pushing the envelope. FIN presents an intelligent and chic solution to dressing eco-friendly.

FIN Oslo
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Wall Street Journal article

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Anja Hynynen

Born in 1983 in Sweden, is now 26, Anja is a young clothing designer who transforms organic fabrics into lady-like designs. With Art and handcrafts running through her family for generations, Anja grew up with a strong artistic family background.

Her passion began in textiles and design and then as a tailor’s apprentice and studying dressmaking.
She started her own organic clothing label, offering well tailored garments in woven, crocheted, knitted and embroidered environmentally friendly fabrics. Anja chose her materials that were to be organically grown and ethically produced being from wool, hemp, linen, cotton and silk, very carefully. She also uses natural colours from these fibres or colours deprived from natural vegetable dyes.

Working with Ardalanish in Scotland, she creates a collection from their organic tweeds, woven from local wool.
When Hynynen has finished work, her signature is the timeless elegance with special attention to detail.

Working at a young age with certain fabrics as a tailor, it would give her allergic reactions and that made her think about the textiles aspect of organic, realising the bad side of textile industry. For she would become ill from working with these fabrics and considered how hard it must be for farmers, spinners, dryers and people who make cloths for a living.
That is when she began her detective work of finding organic textile producers begun.

Making an organic textile industry was the natural choice that came to mind and thought was possible to do and as of today, it is.

Her collection is continuing evolving with new designs.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eco Boudoir
“luxury with a conscience”
Eco-Boudoir's luxurious lingerie, nightwear and accessories are made using ethically sourced silk, bamboo, hemp and leather.
Their mission statement:

'Lingerie is like our second skin. The first thing we put on before getting dressed. I truly believe that it's important to know what goes into the clothes we wear against our skin. Our bodies are more sensitive than we realise.

Eco-Boudoir's passion is to make first class lingerie with the most sustainable production values. That’s why all our silks are cultivated without using harmful chemicals and all our cotton is certified organic.
Our collections are sewn in the UK and when working abroad we support small communities of women.

My philosophy began when studying (MA) Printed Textiles at Central Saint Martin's where I explored sustainability and the new meaning of luxury. It became apparent that many people wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle whilst saving natural resources. So, I combined my love for high end design with a passion for sustainability to create truly luxurious garments.

That's how Eco-Boudoir was born."

Just some of the recognition Eco-Boudoir has received over the years.

*Jessica Alba has recommended Eco-Boudoir as her favourite lingerie brand
*Eco-Boudoir exhibited at Eco-Chic in Geneva Le Palais des Nations, the UN Headquarters.
*Their SS09 silk 'one piece' was shown at 'Undressed' (Lingerie Exhibition) at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London.
* Their are collaborating with Mark and Spencers. They have created a diffusion line called 'Eco-B'. This collection is being manufactured in M&S' carbon neutral eco-lingerie factory in Sri Lanka.