Monday, March 29, 2010

Fin Oslo: Fashion with a Social Conscience

FIN Fashion is modern, trendy and the world’s first organic Fair Trade fashion label.

Norway-based design label, FIN Oslo, aims to be at the forefront in developing luxurious organic and environmentally friendly fabrics. FIN is a sustainable label that believes in taking responsibility for its actions.

To recognize the ha
rd labour that has gone into producing the fabric in their pieces, they use Fair Trade certified cotton (this means that no pesticides or other harmful chemicals have been used; in addition, the cotton farmers are guaranteed a minimum income and good social conditions). To reduce CO2 levels worldwide, they invest in climate credits to reach the global goal of carbon neutrality.

FIN's designers add passion to all their creations along with carefully selecting materials to achieve the best appearance: organic cotton provides the luxury of an environmentally friendly textile, hand-spun wild silk has beautiful textures, and organic alpaca is rare and precious.

The company have always prided themselves on their ethical fashion credentials, and now they have one more thing to be proud of. This year, head designer Per Silvertsen was the winner of Norway’s most prestigious designer fashion award, Naloyet 2009.

Ethical fashion is not going away and its future is especially exciting with eco-luxe brands like FIN constantly pushing the envelope. FIN presents an intelligent and chic solution to dressing eco-friendly.

FIN Oslo
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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