Friday, March 19, 2010

Anja Hynynen

Born in 1983 in Sweden, is now 26, Anja is a young clothing designer who transforms organic fabrics into lady-like designs. With Art and handcrafts running through her family for generations, Anja grew up with a strong artistic family background.

Her passion began in textiles and design and then as a tailor’s apprentice and studying dressmaking.
She started her own organic clothing label, offering well tailored garments in woven, crocheted, knitted and embroidered environmentally friendly fabrics. Anja chose her materials that were to be organically grown and ethically produced being from wool, hemp, linen, cotton and silk, very carefully. She also uses natural colours from these fibres or colours deprived from natural vegetable dyes.

Working with Ardalanish in Scotland, she creates a collection from their organic tweeds, woven from local wool.
When Hynynen has finished work, her signature is the timeless elegance with special attention to detail.

Working at a young age with certain fabrics as a tailor, it would give her allergic reactions and that made her think about the textiles aspect of organic, realising the bad side of textile industry. For she would become ill from working with these fabrics and considered how hard it must be for farmers, spinners, dryers and people who make cloths for a living.
That is when she began her detective work of finding organic textile producers begun.

Making an organic textile industry was the natural choice that came to mind and thought was possible to do and as of today, it is.

Her collection is continuing evolving with new designs.

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