Monday, May 10, 2010

10 commandments of design ethics

~ use of animal testing or products; no animal cruelty permitted in design. This includes any testing or use of animal products such as fur.
~ age appropriation; restrictions on certain designs, exposure to inappropriate deigns towards children/adolescences, for example lingerie designs.
~copy write; respect all forms of plagiarism ethics and social responsibility.
~ professional behavior practice; its essential for designers to utilize and maintain a level of professionalism within their behavior practices.
~honesty; honesty is the best policy. Provide honest and impartial advice to clients.
~ comply with all laws, codes and regulations; its essential to obey and laws, codes and regulations within the design industry.
~ value clients standards and expectations; this ensures that you reflect the clients needs, budget and desires.
~ respect for clients and employees; i consider this to be one of the most valuable ethic not only in design but and workplace institution.
~ acknowledge work of others; never take creditability for the work of others
~ time management; always finish work on time and go buy a structured timetable to ensure work is in on final dates.

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