Monday, May 10, 2010


  • Theory and Practice. You are a part of a group, and you begin to realize that you thought you knew a lot six months ago, but now you only know a fraction of what everyone else seems to know. The learning curve changes.
  • Great deal of success is about fostering good habits early.
  • Be Positive. Having a can-do attitude makes people want to work with you.
  • Try To Make Every Assignment Better Than The Last. When you finish a project, look at it, hard. Scrutinize. Nitpick. Be critical. Do more. Do better. Don’t become complacent. Ever. Complacency is death.
  • Get involved. This is a great way to continue your education at the beginning of your career. Reach out.
  • Have passion. It seems like the inscription on a greeting card, but it’s true, everything is meaningless unless you love what you do, both in the sanctuary of school and out in the real world. Life is too short to spend years acquiring skills for a career you aren’t completely passionate about.
  • Honesty. Tell the truth if you make a mistake. Don’t lie to clients, vendors or bosses, and, most importantly, don’t lie to yourself.
  • Work Hard.
  • Be Kind
  • Ignore the naysayers ^-^

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