Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten commandments of Design

1. I will critique other designer’s work respectfully and truthfully. I will give more than my own opinion by looking at all aspects and possible views on a project.

2. I will document my progress for the client, other designers and myself. I will do this to forward the design industry and prevent selfishness from success or bitterness from failure.

3. I will remove myself from using harmful industries that are connected with sweatshops, animal testing and killing, and chemical and materials that are damaging to the environment. These are industries that I disagree with and should not be used any point.

4. I’ll promise to abide by the copyright laws placed to keep my work and others free from theft. I will do this by patenting or individualizes each of my designed works.

5. I will always bring my utmost enthusiasm and passion to each of my projects. By doing this my projects will always improve in quality, also it will inspire other to show passion in their work.

6. I promise to treat my work-mates and clients with respect and dignity allowing proper teamwork and cooperation to exist in the workplace.

7. Always stick to the client’s view of the project. It is good to show different paths to the client, but it is up to them alone to decide on what they feel is best for their industry.

8. I will manage my time and resources to best suit the client and the project. I will not procrastinate and delay the project, as it is my careers highest priority.

9. To research every project I undertake to prevent misconceptions and other problems like stereotypes.

10. I promise to set an example to the younger generation setting them on a path that promotes rewarding things in life.

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