Monday, May 17, 2010

My Ethics - by Sara Jane Williams:P

I will not (to the best of my ability) do any thing that is:

1) Harmful to humans - physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually

2)Harmful to animals

3)Harmful to the environment

I will not (to the best of my ability):

4) Steal ideas, designs or anything created by another

5) Cheat a client by turning in shoddy, poor quality work

I will (to the best of my ability):

6) Use my time wisely and keep good work ethics

7) Respect all religions

8) Be true to me

9) Remain open minded

10) Make love, not war! :D (stay chilled, getting heated never made anyone or anything pleasant)

I realize that this list may seem rather general. My reasoning behind this is that if I was too specific than I would become lazy and allow myself do things that I disagree with, simply because I did not give it enough thought ("it wasn't on the list!"). With this list I will have to ask myself with every action I take "I'm I breaking any of 'my laws'? It will make me research, force me to think (which, last I checked, was a good thing) and make me take everything into consideration, which I will do to the best of my ability! :D Cheers!

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