Monday, May 24, 2010

Veronica's 10 Commandments of Design

1. I will not steal other’s artwork whether it be by t-shirt printing, advertisements, without giving them the well deserved credit.

2. I will not take part in sexualisation of children in the media and fashion; through video clips, products that contain inappropriate materials that affect the children’s physical and mental health, sexuality, attitudes and beliefs. Not take part in sexualised images and actions as part of a marketing device.

3. I will not take part in designing products that contributed in harming animals or the environment; fur clothing and dumping of materials into the waterways.

4. I will not take part in cheap labour. Employ work crew and materials from within Australia and Australia only and be sure it isn't taking part in illegal child labour.

5. Take part in Copyright. To assure my work and other’s are protected entirely.

6. Respect what is expected of me from a client. Give what I can and accept the negative feedback, instead of taking it to heart, take it on board and get back to work.

7. I will not take part in false advertising. I will not mislead to sell. Customers deserve to know what they are really buying and that every piece of information be on the label on the product.

8. I will always listen to what clients wan first and then give own advice and see whether they approve.

9. Respect all clients and crew’s rights. Everyone in the design industry treated fairly.

10. I will always approach a designer in a professional manner. People judge what they see. Confidence and appearance is the key.

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