Monday, May 10, 2010

SAM - Design Ethics.


Design Ethics

10 Commandments

1 - Professional conduct

As a graphic designer I will not act in a manner that compromises the status of the design profession.

2 – Confidentiality

I shall maintain the confidentiality of all client information.

3 – Plagiarism and breach of copyright

I shall not, plagiarise work or knowingly breach copyright.

4 – Criticism of another designers work

I shall be fair in the criticism of another’s designers work. I shall not belittle or denigrate the work or reputation of another designer.

5 – Treat co-workers with respect and honesty

I shall deal appropriately with cultural/racial diversity; I will not engage in harassment of any kind.

6 – Respect for animal rights

I will not use any materials that have contributed or will contribute to the harming of animals.

7 – Respect for clients

Keeping the client happy is very important. I will not purposely disrespect a client for any personal gain.

8 – Over-use/wastage of materials

I will not purposely waste design materials.

9 – Enthusiam

Always have the up-most enthusiasm for a clients work and put in hard effort to meet their needs.

10 – Harassment

I will not tolerate any harassment towards myself or fellow co-workers.


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