Monday, May 10, 2010

GANI: Ethics in Design

-Anti Fur-
fur is seen high end and exclusive in the world of fashion, though what people don't see is the on going slaughtering of innocent animals in order to create this luxury. fur is murder.

-Exploitation of children-
the exploitation of children is high up on my list of ethics, parents seem to forget or loose sight of whats best for there kids when it come to what the parent wants. the picture is an example of a photographer (Nina Maria Klenivan)
that dressed her son up as Hitler in an aim to convey the message of "we all have a little evil in us" to the audience. what she didn't consider is what effect this might have on her child if he see's these images in later life, i know i wouldn't be impressed especially being a media spectacle as this one. to me this is a prime example of children exploitation.

-Sweat Shops-
although labor in australia is more expensive i think once i explain why i personally would ever send my garments over seas to a sweatshop to get manufactured. sweat shops are a sad place filled with desperate people trying to make a buck. the wages paid in sweatshops (if any) are usually under minimum wage and the owners disregard the laws of paying over time. The working conditions are also poor, people in sweat shops can be exposed to dangerous inhalants, have no health cover, and unhygienic working conditions. sweat shops are slavery.

-Plastic Packaging-
What i don't understand is why after all this talk of how plastic is damaging our earth, companies continue to use plastic packaging in bulk amounts. for example i work at an optometrist, every day we get in new frames, these frames are not just wrapped in one plastic bag but 2 or some times 3 each, not to mention the bubble wrap, i just don't understand why if we know that the plastic we use isn't biodegradable why do we use it so extensively. we are killing the earth, that's why this is one of my ethics.

The next of my ethics is copy right, if some thing is not your own to ask permission to use it or acknowledge the author. not having permission in some cases is stealing.

to me, when it comes to design it all boils down to trust between the client and the designer. they are paying you and have trust in you to do the right thing on there behalf, for example not ove charging and having unexpected add on's at the end. the way i see it is if your good to them, they will stay loyalty will be with you as a designer.

what i mean by technology, is not to let it get the best of you, after staring at a screen for 6 hours things seem to get pretty tense between you and your no so quick witted computer. So take a step back, take a half an hour out side and chances are your work will come out better with this new found clear mind. If i ever have any one working for me i would make sure they were doing this. Just relax.

By putting my health first, i all ways seem to get every thing done. health is a major roll when it comes to getting jobs, i mean who wants some one to work for them if they need sick days? so by just taking care of my body and brain i am able to use it to its fullest while doing my design work.

while i feel like its the hardest thing in the world to do, as if asking the question "do i want to go out with my friends.. or work?". Its essential that i go with my brain and not my heart this time and say work. its hard to get started but when i get into it i end up enjoying it any way, because I'm passionate about design and in order to make in the industry i must make sacrifices and prioritize.

This is another essential when it comes to design for me. being able to compromise is a great tool when used correctly, especially when working in a group environment or with a client. if you can calmly and clearly express what your idea is meant to be and justify why you designed it the way you did, often people will grow a closeness to the idea once they understand it. but don't forget about what they like and want, meeting half way is a skill to use to every ones advantage.

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