Monday, June 7, 2010

olympic mascots - Sam

The 2012 London mascots are fairly absurd and lack any relevance to London or the Olympics in general.
They have no real character or expression and are basically un-appealing.
Their Olympic logos are tiny and the mascots themselves do not resemble anything. What are these creatures exactly?
In the past mascots are fluffy, cute, soft, playful and colourful.
They mostly consist of animals or cute creatures, such as Izzy from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
and the 2002 salt lake winter Olympics which were three cuddly cartoon animals, Hare, Coyote and Bear.
I believe the London mascots - Wenlock and Mandeville are highly disapointing, they appear too futuristic and modern and lack the friendly nature we have seen before in Olympic mascots.
They are intended to aim towards children but I feel as these mascots wont be appealing to children of any age.

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