Monday, June 7, 2010

London Olympic 2012 Mascots
I found the mascots for the London 2012 Olympic cute, but I guess my interest in them stops there. All the Olympic symbols worked into the mascot was clever, but for ordinary people the symbolism might escape them.
But to compare them to, say the Beijing 2008 mascots, would be difficult, one of the main reasons being the English don't really have a form of animation that represents their country, whereas China has... well, China and Japan have always had their cute little animations and personally the Beijing mascot, as lovely as their are, just look like any other Chinese superhero anime character... and if I had that long history of animation to follow, well I think it would be pretty easy... not to mention that the Beijing mascots were just the thing the world expected from them, so people weren't really (unpleasantly) surprised.
All that to say I think England is just to boring to come up with an interesting mascot... so give them a break!

But I would say that the Beijing 2008 mascots, the Fuwa, are my favorite.... :D
File:Bèibei.jpgFile:Jīngjing.jpgFile:Huānhuan.jpgFile:Yíngying.jpgFile:Nini (fuwa).jpg

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