Monday, June 21, 2010

Vancouver 2010 mascots(nick)

I really like these mascots i think there cute, appropriate and are really cool designs. There's Miga who is a young sea bear, Quatchi the young Sasquatch, and Sumi the animal spirit that lives in the mountains of Bristish Columbia. I think that the stories behing the mascots are really imaginative and indepth for example Miga the young sea bear comes from the tales of the Pacific Nortwest's first nations. They believed that orca whales transform into bears when they arive on land. The Kermode bear also know as spirit bear is a rare white and black bear that is unique to the central west coast of Bristish Columbia. They believed that the Raven turned the bear white to remind people of the ice age. Orcas were know as travellers and guardians of the sea by The West Coast First Nations.

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