Monday, June 21, 2010

Olympic mascott 2012 (nick)

I personally dont like the mascots for the 2012 olympic games in London, i think they are trying to be to futurist and are fairly basic boring design. Wenlock and Manderville are there names which i think is fair enough i like the idea that they came from two drops of molten steel that came from a foundery I think that is a good concept but i think they are pretty lame and aren't really friendly or excieting they remind me a little bit of those dolarmites that you used to have at school but the dolarmites were actually pretty cool. I think they need to make this design more excieting for children as i supose that would be there target audience I am not saying that I could do better but there design is really random and different and that isnt a bad thing but if you just seen them walking down the street i don't think it would spell out London 2012 olympic games to you.

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