Tuesday, June 22, 2010

were from here (nick)

Next year if I am ready I would like to do the diploma course at Kingscliff Tafe Campus or I might move to Brisbane because there are more opportunities there, if i did i would study at Sunnybank Tafe Campus. That is if i go on to complete Cert 4 this year if not I will be doing cert 4 next year at either of these campuses. The Course I would like to do is 19211 Design Diploma course goes for 1470 hours. The course focuses on print and digital design which is were i want to focus my energy. The course also helps you improve and gain skills and knowledge and attitudes needed to develop and communicate graphic design solutions across the areas of print and digital design. Also to develop creative thinking , analytical and problem-solving skills to underpin development of successful visual design solutions. It is similar to this course at the moment you are given briefs and you must meet its criteria and demands. You can also choose electives. The course dabbles in the areas of publication, print media, packaging, marketing and advertising, digital graphics for mobile devices, web, televison and film. A marketable portfolio is needed to get in demonstating a high level of professional skill.

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