Monday, June 21, 2010

Olympic Mascots

The 2000 Australian Olympic Mascots were by far my favorite icons. This is mostly due to their cultural significance and representation of Australian heritage. Olly, Syd and Millie also represent represent earth, air and water. "Olly", a kookaburra, epitomizes the Olympic spirit of generosity and universal generosity ; "Syd", a platypus, represents the environment and captures the vigor and energy of Australia and its people ; "Millie", an echidna, is a techno-whiz and information guru, with all the facts and figures at her fingertips.

Unlike the 2000 Australian mascots, the 2012 London mascots Wenlock and Madeville have no cultural significance. Wenlock and Madville do not have any form of representation for London, they do not suggest London rather some form of mythical and aliened creature that possible is there to 'take over' the Olympics. These mascots do not portray any form of Olympic spirit.

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