Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my top 10 design comanmants (nick)

1. don't discriminate against minorities eg. racist and sexist behavior is a big no no.


2. no promotion of child labour


3. Don't promote a bad image for the young public ie. cigaretes, alcohol, drugs, smut ect.


4. never discourage a green idea, always try and promote sustainable living and recycling ect.


5. Never ever promote anything even half sexual if the girl isnt over 18. don't set a bad example i think that hollywood and the media are making young girls look bad.


6. Don't promote that unhealthy is pretty, magazines promote an unhealthy image for young girls, skinny isnt hot its not healthy.


7. Never work for anything remotely do do with gossip magazines or the paparazzi , they are bad news and are scandalous


8. Never work for a company that i hate ie companies like mcdonalds that rip people off and basically encourage obesity by geting health ticks for their meals and having a mcdonalds on every corner and constantly advertising plus taking bussiness away from small companies that produce much better food.


9. Don't endorse animal tested products or products made from animals


10. Don't promote companies that use slave labour or unfair treatment to their workers.


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